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 Simply fit 

Simply Fit is a web application dedicated to clients of personal trainers. Previously, there have been many ways to contact trainers. Social media and email are among the most common. With a growing clientele, it is necessary to create a space where clients can access their programming material in one location, to keep the trainers organized and responsive for their clients.


Starting on paper is a vital part of my design process. This allows for a raw deconstruction-reconstruction cycle, that may take several passes but will allow for a quicker turn around when moving digital.

For his particular project, it took several iterations to get a feel for the simplicity and flow of tracking things like calories and time spent in the gym.

Ready to Work

Ease of use is of the highest priority. When clients arrive at the gym and need to check into the application for workout details, they do not want to be disrupted by trying to navigate.

Through user interviews, it was also made clear that a notification option would be beneficial to alert the user of the day's goals and/or upcoming exercises.

Simply Fit is designed to be a go-to application in the gym, Sign in and go. With precise workout plans from the trainer, to detailed meal plans to keep a diet in check. Simply Fit will be a useful tool to help trainers and clients connect and reach fitness goals.

 Meal plans and workout programs are an important part of this app. A space to track progress, set alarms and view program details are some of the features that make this a fitness hub for clients.

Contacting the trainer is also a key feature. Now that all the clients will be registered in one location, it will be much more efficient to get in contact with the trainers.

This will also improve the trainer's ability to get in touch with the clients. Not having to answer clients back in multiple platforms, the trainers will be able to answer any emails in one sitting.

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