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Life List

Connecting Life and Adventure

Set The Alarm 

For Your Next Adventure

Talking about adventures you would like to have isn't the same as talking about the ones you’ve had. Life List is a web application for those who want to discover the world's many wonders and tap into life's infinite adventures. This application focuses on exploration, adventure, setting goals and connecting with others.
It’s very easy in today's society to get lost in the grind. This platform provides perspective to those who want to live the life they talk about. The user is encouraged to select their next adventure, and plan the details in which this will be accomplished; like setting an alarm clock. There is room for spontaneity within the app as well, for those who are less about planning and more about seizing an opportunity.
This case study will show the “User First” approach and how the final design was achieved through extensive information architecture, wireframing, and prototyping. 

User First

The primary objective for Life List was to align the final flow of the app to the needs of the user. This was executed through potential user interviews and personas based on those interviewed. The user’s journey is key to solidify the features for the application.

Key Content

An important part of this IA phase was finding what content would invite the user to make Life List a commonly used app. The original idea of this being labeled a bucket list wasn't working; many saw that as a list to complete before "you kick the bucket". 

The Need For Efficiency

This app is meant for making the most out of the user's free time by allowing them to sufficiently plan and set goals for adventurous activities. The app needs to be quick in navigation and arrival at the CTA. Some users may be checking in just to make sure they're meeting goal requirements.


Everything starts on paper.


Organizing ideas.


Re-worked User Flows and wireframes.

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