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Mobile Survey

Project Scope

The following Case Study was a timed assignment for a financial tech organization. This was a freelance project with quick turnaround time.

Below you will see the parameters of the assignment, as well as, what I considered when mapping this out.

Assigment Context

Create a survey application collecting opinions via yes/no questions.

Two Views

Admins needed a dashboard view and our other users a mobile.

  • A mobile screen where the user answers the yes/no questions of the survey.

  • A desktop screen where the owners of the survey explore the data collected by the survey.

  • Demographic data exists for the users and can be tied in (or not) anywhere.

  • The users of the survey are extremely busy people, but they’re taking the survey because they've been promised to see the aggregate results.

Things I Considered
  • Will the user's answer all questions on one screen or one question at a time?

  • Will there be required confirmation at any point?


  • Will users have the ability to change their answers?


  • Will the users be able to navigate questions back and forth?


  • Mobile gestures or click/tap?


  • How will the desktop screen summarize the data? Including demographics?


  • How will it drill down into details?

The Trusted Whiteboard

Despite a short amount of time to produce, I turn to the whiteboard. Here I was able to sketch out some concepts and try to hit flesh out my original ideas.


This quick and messy style really allows me to let ideas flow and get a sense of direction before I sit down at the computer.

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